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[VIDEO]: Kari Faux – “Supplier”

Kari Faux, if she isn’t there already, is very close to reaching undeniable status.

I started following Kari’s journey with her Laugh Now, Die Later EP last summer. My friend Mensch (who appears in this video) was championing her months prior, going back to when she performed alongside Michael Christmas at Mensch’s SXSW Lean Pizza event, and when LNDL dropped, Christmas kept telling me to peep one track in particular: “No Small Talk.”

I fucked with it, but not to the level he did. Or soon after, as we would all learn, the level Donald Glover did.

Anyway, I say all that to say this: Kari is the real deal, and I’m a full-time believer, even if I wasn’t as early as Mensch, Christmas or Gambino were. Her latest offering, “Supplier” is effortlessly cool and refreshingly creative. It’s a sultry, 70’s nightclub scene serving as the setting for an intimate Kari performance of a smooth, understated new record, one that works its way into every corner of your brain whether you approve or not.

I do.


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