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This shit is so cold. Like dumb cold.

My mans OG Swaggerdick has been trying to put me onto the Abra wave the past month or so. I haven’t been ignoring his advice intentionally, it’s just been other priorities, etc. But I trust his taste, and the Awful movement is pretty undeniable at this point, so it’s safe to say new content is at least worth a click.

“U KNO” is incredible. The song itself is stunning, but the visuals are next level in every sense of the term, making the overall product truly unforgettable. I remember seeing Abra’s Wave artwork floating around the internet and being genuinely impressed by it, but I never got around to listening. After watching “U KNO,” I plan on changing that tonight. Here’s the iTunes link for anyone trying to do the same who feels compelled to pay Abra for her art (she’s proving that to be a worth investment), but the Soundcloud stream is below as well.

Anyway, watch “U KNO” above for yourself. It’s truly spectacular. Directed by Ramez Silyan & Christine Lai and produced by UNIF, the video finds Abra in the midst of what feels like a surrealist play, complete with haunting florescent coloring, all black contacts and VHS footage. It’s a compelling and mind-bending 3:39 journey, and I can honestly say I’m a fan off hearing and seeing nothing else yet. Stay tuned for more.


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