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[New Music]: Kareem Skully – “Don’t Fall In Love”

“She wanna fall in love, what you mean you in love? She heard that I’m a dog, I told you that I’m no good. I told you don’t fall in love, I told you don’t fall in love…”

The latest from one of Boston’s most promising young artists, Kareem Skully (formerly Reem / Kareem Sully), is a fair—not to mention, mesmerizingly melodic—warning to any women who might have their sights set on him or perhaps anyone living a fast lifestyle: there’s no time for love.

Produced by IGNORVNCE, “Don’t Fall In Love” is two minutes and 40 seconds of pure honesty; Skully repeatedly relays the message that he’s no good, he’s a dog, girls shouldn’t fall in love with him, etc. Will it happen anyway? More than likely. Can they say he didn’t tell them how it was going to play out when things inevitably go awry? No, no they cannot.

Listen below.


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