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[New Music]: Gio Dee ft. IAMSU! – “Rags To Riches”

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 11.06.14 PM

This one is really the banger from Gio Dee. He’s been making low key moves—including a physical, cross-country one—the past few months, and it’s starting to feel like it’s all leading to the brink of a serious wave.

Now residing in the Bay Area (temporarily at least), it only makes sense that Dee would get a record in with IAMSU! to kick off a new music push, and the Leland Lavinci-produced “Rags To Riches” does not disappoint. I heard this track for the first time back in April and recall noting how Dee kept toe-to-toe with his West Coast counterpart and crafted a really interesting record—well-written and sonically fun, for lack of a better word—in which he manages to shine the brightest when it’s all said and done.

The track is simple yet rides all the way through with no filler, and the message is clear: Dee’s at a pivotal point in his career, and things only appear to be headed up. Listen to “Rags To Riches” below, and stay tuned for more.


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