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[New Music]: Ramriddlz ft. Nemesis – “Call Me”

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 2.30.59 PM

After a couple months of speculation, the dust finally settled as Drake’s remix of Ramriddlz‘s free-spirited summer anthem “Sweeterman” premiered on OVO Radio last weekend.

So what does that ultimately mean for Ramriddlz? The real work has just begun.

Last night he kicked off the post-Drake wave with his latest single “Call Me,” an offering that comes less than a month from the arrival of his EP, so it’s clear he understands that his work is cut out for him. Produced by Jaegen and Chillaa, and featuring Nemesis, “Call Me” is another feel good record blending elements of reggae with a colorful style all Ram’s own.

The objective is simple and the execution is flawless; this is the soundtrack to your sweeter summer. Listen below.


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