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[VIDEO]: iLoveMakonnen – “Rumor”

Over a year ago—on June 19, 2014 to be exact—I posted a new song and video from one of my favorite new artsits, iLoveMakonnen, called “Rumor.”

It was (and still is) truly unique anything I had ever seen and heard. I knew Makonnen was strange, in such a brilliant, beautiful way, but “Rumor” was the one for me. I listened on repeat for hours when I was at my highest and lowest, and somehow the song managed to soundtrack both perfectly. I always tell people that when Makonnen said, “I’m ridin’ solo out here with no crew, they never wanna choose me but I always wanna choose you, I swear that I should leave the game alone, and go back to my happy home…” I understood who he really was on a deeper level than ever before (and than most people ever might).

Makonnen is a hitmaker, he’s proven that time and time again, but similar to Future, he’s a sensitive one. The majority of casual listeners are familiar with all of Future’s turn up anthems like “Bugatti” and “Fuck Up Some Commas,” but how many have cried along with him to “Codeine Crazy” or “Substitute Everything”? It’s impossible to fully appreciate an artist without having real knowledge of their catalogue beyond the charting hits, so I don’t even bother arguing about Makonnen’s artistry with someone who doesn’t know a song past “Tuesday” or “I Don’t Sell Molly No More.”

“Rumor” is Makonnen at his loneliest and most vulnerable state. He just dropped a second video for it, and though I still prefer last year’s, this new, black-and-white one does provide a sense of growth and perspective, as we see a fan front row at a Makonnen show probably feeling similar to how Makonnen felt when he penned the record. Just because you’re in the midst of a crowd or success or anything bigger than you doesn’t mean insecurities disappear. Sometimes it even means they’re magnified.

Watch and listen to “Rumor.” Really listen.


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