First off, I am extremely sorry that I didn’t attend to this when it first hit my inbox. Second off, I don’t know what to call this, but it is really fucking cool. It sounds like it could be playing the entire time it’s sunny outside but you’re having a horrible day. Don’t take that comparison in a bad way, because I super fuck with this. Chicago will probably always be my favorite city, musically (and overall because Chicago is beautiful and Kendrick’s verse on “Jealous”), and Beach Jesus keeps my opinion firm with the debut release Two Weeks Vacation. There’s all kinds of different sounds on this thing, but all of the tracks fall under an airy production that makes the listening experience more like a dream than reality. Via Rose does her thing closing out the final track, and long time Vic Mensa collaborator Papi Beatz did the project justice with the mastering. I’ll have this in rotation for the rest of this summer, and you should too.


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