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[New Music]: Pistola – “Chop SUUii”

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 1.57.34 PM

The post-Cousin Stizz / Michael Christmas wave in Boston is going to be a powerful one. The city’s hip-hop scene as a whole is bubbling right now, but with a couple of artists starting to break through on a national level, it’s all but guaranteed that the youth is going to rise—and fast.

Dorchester’s Pistola is a new name to TFH, but with his latest single, “Chop SUUii,” it feels like he’ll be back again very soon. Produced by Johnny Tsunamii, “Chop SUUii” is a statement record, a drugged-out hit powered by subtle melodies and braggadocious raps that doesn’t feel defined by any area code or sub-genre. It feels purely Pistola, and though whatever that truly means remains to be seen, I’m excited to hear more.

Stream and download below.


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