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Relax Rekords continues to build steam, and showcase the rest of their lineup outside of J $TASH, with their latest collaborative effort #RELAXSUMMER. What sticks out to me most here; and unless you’ve been following RR closely, you’d have no idea- but Xander Ghost seems to be a force to be reckoned with in the very near future when it comes to some singer/songwriter/r&b type shit. It also shows that RELAX is definitely in the process of stepping outside of their comfort zone to incorporate a vast array of artists so that they can move forward without being limited as strictly a hip-hop indie label. Don’t get me wrong though, Kenny Turnup, Teddy Blow, JOHNNY DRAMA, Reddz Sofly, Papa-Bear, Lee Cavalli, Jay Vybz, & of course  J $tash provide the listener (and Relax faithful) with some certified bangers. I’ve had this shit going on repeat since I popped it into my iTunes, and it has also passed the ever so important “car-ride-test”. Be sure to check this project out and keep your eyes open for J’s highly anticipated HOODRICH mixtape which is set to be due any time now.


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