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Mishka Records went all the way Jordan in the 4th last week. 39 tracks hailing from the productton Garden of Eden that is Chicago in 3 installments resulted in W3NDCH3LL. The installments are broken down into three installments: Slap, Space, & Soul with each offering up a different listening experience. W3NDCH3LL features noted producers, artists, and musicians such as Thelonious Martin, The O’My’s, Odd Couple, OnGaud, Netherfriends, BoatHouse, Monte Booker, Frank Leone, and more.

I quickly had the chance to ask Ben (via Twitter direct message. Bless technology), of Mishka Records, what made him want to put together these projects:

I was interviewing a bunch of Chicago producers last head and noticed all of the talent. Rather than continuing interviews, I wanted to be part of the culture and the movement, so I released WINDCHILL last May and W2NDCH2LL last August. More and more producers popped on my radar and I kept writing them down until it was time to do another comp[ilation]. W3NDCH3LL is the last one though.

Let’s only hope that Ben, and Mishka can continue to dig through the crates and figure out another way to showcase producers (who in my opinion don’t get enough credit, but that’s neither here nor there). Check out W3NDCH3LL below, and if you’re enjoy it be sure to hit that download button (IT’S FREE).


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