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[VIDEO]: Donté Thomas – “Highway”

I just got put onto this new joint by Portland’s Donté Thomas and ran it back five times with no hesitation. I came across it on Dillon Cooper‘s timeline, which I pulled up after posting his “Blessings” freestyle earlier today, and I’m thrilled that I clicked on a link he was cosigning.

“Highway” is simple, in such a wonderfully refreshing way. Donté can rap, first of all. Like, really rap. The Coty Krebs instrumental is nothing we haven’t heard before—it feels like something J. Cole would have selected for a cut on The Warm Up—but that’s part of what makes this so special, right now, in May 2015. There are no smokescreens here, just good music, clean visuals, and a young emcee with heart beyond a shadow of a doubt.

One quick look at Donté’s Twitter tells me he just turned 21 yesterday, and this is his first music video. His 22nd year is off to a good start. Watch “Highway” above, and stay tuned for more—a project is on the way.


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