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[VIDEO]: Leon Bridges – “Better Man”

It didn’t take much to convince me: Leon Bridges is one of my new favorite artists.

The homie Mike saw him live in Boston a couple weeks back and told me he was blown away by his performance, so I was intrigued. I had seen the name floating around the interwebs but had yet to delve into any music. His “Better Man” video, which dropped earlier today, was my first Leon Bridges experience, and it was a perfect one.

I’ve watched this 10-plus times in the past 12 hours and have shown it to three of the four most important women in my life (and I will probably show it to my grandma the next time I see her). It’s such a classic, well-executed song and video, reminiscent of—for lack of a better term—the “simpler days” in which heart and soul fueled the most popular records.

“Better Man” is remarkably warm and meaningful, and the video is appropriately simple, allowing the music and overall vibe to do all the talking. I’m gonna have this in steady rotation until his new album, Coming Home, arrives on June 23rd. Stay tuned, and pre-order on iTunes HERE.


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