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[VIDEO]: Matt Champion – “El Dorado”

Matt Champion of Brockhampton is some combination of rapper, singer, philosopher and alternative rockstar. His latest, “El Dorado,” is a video that essentially paints him as all of the above—if any of the labels is to be excluded, it’s “rapper”—and is one of if not his most compelling drop to date.

Fueled by jarring production from Romil and Albert Gordon as well as desperate, screaming lyrics from Champion, “El Dorado” feels more a cry for help than it does simply a random, one-off record. Yet, by the end, as the lyrics become clearer and less distorted, there’s a sense of peace… a calm after the storm. It’s an almost shocking roller coaster ride, and even though it’s less than three minutes long, it wears on your soul.

But then again, such is life.


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