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[VIDEO]: Latrell James – “On My Own”

Latrell James is dropping his highly anticipated debut project, Twelve, a week from today (5/12). In the midst of my traveling over the course of the past week, the Boston emcee/producer unleashed his latest single and set of visuals in the form of “On My Own,” an eerie, introspective cut produced by Tedd Boyd. So although I’m late to the post, I checked this out when it dropped, and it’s still on my mind seven days later.

Latrell’s journey throughout the past year has been a compelling one, having taken himself from a position of being of the more talented but overlooked artists in the city to one that can’t really be left out of any discussion. The progression and consistency have become hard to ignore, and though he’s never been a slouch lyrically, everything seems to be coming together on all sides at just the right time.

“On My Own,” directed by Downlow Productions, is appropriate in the sense that it focuses on Latrell literally on his own, delivering bars in a dim-lit, underground, graffiti-littered tunnel. His rhymes and disposition paint him as paranoid as we’ve seen him, but considering the almost certain mind-state shift with change (in this case, a project release) approaching, it makes sense. With the Chubbs / Star Wars references in the first verse, Latrell deftly describes his and so many others’ situations as rising artists: there are a whole lot of people who are little more than obstacles—some that want a piece of success they didn’t contribute to, others that are strictly distractions—that simply need to be avoided at all costs.

Watch the video above, and stay tuned for Twelve.


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