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[VIDEO]: Eryn Allen Kane – “Have Mercy”

Eryn Allen Kane is wonderful. I’ve been saying this for close to two years, due in large part to director/A&R extraordinaire Austin Vesely‘s early cosign, and she’s only continued to give further validation to my words with time.

Last week, Eryn released her latest work of art and official debut single, “Have Mercy,” with a beautiful accompanying video directed by Vesely. Her voice is as brilliant and shimmering as ever, her songwriting elegant, and the crisp, black-and-white visuals bring the record to life in such a cool, majestic manner.

“Have Mercy” is soulful, yet almost haunting, Eryn’s rapid movement illustrating a certain unsettling mood supplementing the raw power of her vocals. I’ve watched a few times and I still can’t put my finger on what exactly I’m watching unfold—emotionally speaking—but it’s undoubtedly the beginning of a compelling journey that she hinted at embarking upon years ago.

Watch above and stay tuned for much more from Eryn Allen Kane.


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