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[New Music]: Mr. Fritz – ‘The Glory’

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 12.01.32 PM

Mr. Fritz‘s debut album, released for free via Soundcloud and in deluxe edition on iTunes, is a surprisingly comprehensive, compelling listening experience. It’s not that I necessarily expected less from the Boston emcee, but there’s a vast difference between putting together a few well-executed records and a full-length album that just feels right all the way through.

I just woke up and gave this a spin without feeling the need to skip a single track. The production—if categorization is necessary—is largely boom-bap, but far from stale. The rhymes are dynamic with depth, and the features, which include Boston household names like Real P, Reks, Amandi, Bakari JB and more (including a particularly strong contribution from Sir Locksley), are wonderfully selected and add invaluable flavor to the album.

The Glory is a glimpse into the life of Fritz, and in a sense, the heart of Boston. It reeks of determination and struggle (“My hunger so deep, shit is in my DNA,” he raps on “The Secret”), and he manages to tell his story in a tasteful, relatable fashion. This album is carefully crafted, one that everyone involved in should be able to look back on proudly for years to come.

Stream below, and head over to iTunes to cop the deluxe version which includes full versions of the last three songs that appear in snippet form in the stream.


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