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[VIDEO]: Kembe X – “Feeling Like The Man”

Kembe X will forever be the first artist I ever interviewed. This is back in 2011. It’s not hard to find if you try. What you’ll find is words from a curious, wide-eyed 17-year-old that was making remarkably soulful hip-hop music and was questioning nearly everything about the world around him. He was wise beyond his years and had a skill set to match. It was impossible to know when it all was going to turn into what it potentially could, but I had a feeling that eventually, it would.

Kembe isn’t there yet. Like most rising artists—even the most purely talented on the planet—he’s still finding his own voice and honing his artistry, but with his latest—this new single and video for “Feeling Like The Man”—he’s closer than ever. The track popped up on Soundcloud last month, but the crisp, celebratory visuals are going to take it to the next level and reel in thousands more well-deserved eyes and ears. As the title of the song suggests, the video finds Kembe on a yacht with beautiful women and good weed, quite literally feeling like the man.

But beyond the glitz, Kembe is rapping his ass off on this track. He laces the smooth, jazzy Opi Tayler instrumental with a dynamic flow, commanding attention with undeniable energy (both vocally and visually) and a certain level of confidence that gives off more star power vibe than we’ve ever gotten from him before. This is a really promising drop from someone who’s been one of my favorite up-and-coming rappers for the past three years; I have a feeling Kembe’s about to arrive in a big way.

Watch “Feeling Like The Man” above, and stay tuned for more.


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