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[New Music]: Towkio ft. Chance The Rapper & Eryn Allen Kane – “Heaven Only Knows”

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 12.33.09 PM

Well, Savemoney is back. I’m not sure they ever left, but it’s been some time since they made this powerful a statement. It’s hard to believe, but in a few weeks, it’ll have been two years since Chance‘s Acid Rap dropped and shook up the world. Vic Mensa followed his brother’s lead with INNANETAPE later that year, Leather Corduroys have made a couple of impressive albeit unorthodox splashes in the time since, but aside from that, Savemoney as a collective unit has been somewhat quiet.

It makes sense though. For any semblance of a group to have success, each of its members have to progress individually as well. After just listening to Towkio‘s latest single, “Heaven Only Knows,” five times in a row (and many more to follow), it’s never been more clear that that’s exactly what’s been happening in the two years since the release of Acid Rap. Where it could have quickly become “Chance and Savemoney” in the history books, Towkio, Vic and the Leather Chords took it upon themselves to continue writing their own legacies.

The result now is a collective stronger than perhaps any out right now. “Heaven Only Knows,” which is produced by Lido and also features one of my favorite up-and-coming singers Eryn Allen Kane, is a triumphant record that feels so wonderful and pure. Towkio’s leadoff verse sets Chance up for a grand slam of a guest appearance—something that was once upon a time a regular occurrence—and Eryn’s harmonizing vocals give the track an incredible jolt of soul that literally makes the song genreless.

We’re not sure when Towkio’s .Wav Theory is arriving, but if “Heaven Only Knows” is any indication of what the project sounds like, we might very well be anticipating one of the best projects of the year. Another W for Savemoney, another W for Chicago, another W for music. Stream below, and stay tuned for more.


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