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[VIDEO]: DonMonique – “Pilates (Kendall, Kylie, Miley)”

This track is really, really hot. DonMonique is 20 years old out of Brookyn with just a couple songs out including this one, but she might be poised to take off real quick. “Pilates (Kendall, Kylie, Miley)” is captivatingly minimal and sickeningly catchy; I’m on my third viewing of the video and I already know “I can make the work stretch” isn’t going to leave my head all weekend.

The visuals were captured at an Awful Records party in New York and are appropriately shadowy and grimy. Most importantly, DonMonique comes off like a star, like she knows she’s got a whole lot more where this came from. She appears so comfortable—innocent, even—that the song is a million times more fun than it was pre-video. I’m gonna keep running this back until further notice.

Shouts to Lauren and Kyle at Complex and Noisey, respectively, for always being on the right waves early.


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