[New Music]: Reese – ‘Jump Off a Building’ EP


Reese dropped his entirely 808 Mafia-produced Jump Off a Building EP earlier today. I’ve been waiting for this to drop for the past month or so ever since I saw Josh Peas start hyping it, and after just listening through for the first time, I’m feeling really good about it.

Between the undeniable “Yesterday” to kick off the 5-track journey plus features from Rich Homie Quan, Kari Faux, Trash Talk, OG Maco and Key!, the EP is a star-studded affair that remains high octane from start to finish. It’s long enough to make it clear that Reese can put together hit records with consistency, but short enough (and not at all watered down) to make you wanna hit the replay button immediately after one listen, if for nothing else but to make sure it was as hot as you thought it was (teaser: it was).

I’m a fan of controlled energy in hip-hop (and music in general really), and Reese executed that perfectly here. It’s hard-hitting, club-ready shit, but sonically meticulous and thoroughly creative, from the structure of “Yesterday” to the haunting screams ad-libbing the bone-bruising posse cut “Fight Club.” I’d like to believe there’s more where this came from; I’ll certainly be on the lookout.


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