[New Music]: Skepta – “Shutdown”

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 1.40.42 PM

Skepta is blowing up. He’s been big in the UK for a minute, at the forefront of the grime wave, but it looks like both he and the subgenre are about to take off in the states. I won’t act like I was up on any of this early; for me, my introduction to Skepta came with the Young Lord-assisted “It Ain’t Safe” that dropped this past fall. There was something so refreshing about the abrasiveness of that track and visual though… it was edgy and alluring, reminiscent of some of the best political or social agenda-driven rap from decades ago.

So I’m just catching onto the wave, but I’m excited about it. Skepta has had quite the week, between being onstage with Kanye at the BRITs and getting shouted out by Drake with the release of his new single “Shutdown”, which includes a vocal sample from Drake at the beginning and end of the track and can be found below. This joint goes.


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