[New Music]: Jon Waltz – “I’m Lonely”

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 1.52.39 PM

When Jon Waltz croons, “I’m lonely, I’m lonely…” on his latest, it doesn’t just feel like a catchy, well-written hook; it feels like genuine loneliness. It feels like emptiness, even hopelessness—not in a depressed sense, though, but more a numbingly self-aware, “I wish things could be right, they aren’t and probably never will be, but somehow everything’s gonna be alright” sense. It’s real.

If there’s any type of leg Jon has up on the competition—and perhaps this is one of the reasons why he draws comparisons to Drake—it’s his shameless vulnerability and uncanny ability to tap so deeply into his own (and thus all of our) emotions. “I’m Lonely” is aided by the new wave ZAYD production, but fully powered by Jon’s strikingly honest songwriting and blissful melodies. It’s a track that can literally be looped on repeat for hours and feel like just minutes have passed; the only danger of doing so is the fact that you’ll end up convinced you’re just as lonely as he is. But maybe that’s not such a bad thing.


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