[New Music]: Post Malone – “That’s It” (Prod. by FKi)

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 7.39.27 PM

I don’t know much about Post Malone. He’s been on Twitter for three years but has less than 300 followers and just over 500 tweets. He has just one song on his Soundcloud, which is “That’s It,” and it happens to be produced by one of Atlanta’s finest, FKi. Also, it appears he was with Key! in LA this week, and Key! took to his IG to shout out Post, revealing his forthcoming White Iverson tape cover and calling it “the best I’ve heard and that’s a bold statement.”

So there you have it. “The white Key” (a nickname given to Post by Key!) has something special up his sleeve. And after a few listens through “That’s It,” I kinda believe it. This shit is super authentic and unreliant on gimmicks, but instead brilliant melodies and a cleverly crafted, yet seemingly effortless flow. There’s genuine talent in Post (judging off his sole release, at least), and if Key!—who is one of the hottest on the rise right now—is speaking so highly of White Iverson, maybe it’s time we start paying attention.

Props to Steady Leanin’ for the find. Peep below.


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