[VIDEO]: Gio Dee – “Celebrity”

With his upcoming project #TOTB2 on the way—and word is, it’s going to be hosted by DJ Holiday—Boston’s Gio Dee lets loose a brand new joint called “Celebrity” with an accompanying set of visuals.

It might be too early to make a claim like this, but this could very well be my favorite record I’ve ever heard from Dee. He’s been buzzing off the success of “Wit Me”—his recent collab with Kool John—the past month, but this video (which includes footage from “Wit Me” live at Boston’s House of Blues) sees him leveling all the way up.

Dee’s slurred flow meshes beautifully with the production from start to finish, the hook is crafted for national attention, and the Rawe Quality-directed video is perfectly executed. Dee is in perhaps the best place he’s been in since he splashed onto my radar a little over three years ago, and the “Celebrity” visuals capture that moment in time as well as I could have hoped for.

Don’t sleep on this one.


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