[New Music]: Chester Watson ft. Bobby Raps – “Spliffs”

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 4.12.11 PM

I don’t know if Chester Watson has a project in the works or what his deal is, but whatever’s on the way, I need parts. The Philly rapper has been one of the handful of young artists I’ve been looking out for for a minute, and “Spliffs” just reminded me why.

Just as he did with the Psymun-produced “Maps” (one of my favorite slept on tracks from last year), Chester flows effortlessly on here, matching the spacey, dreamy vibe of the instrumental with ease. His delivery is monotone, but in a magnificent, mystifying way. Jay Electronica is one of the only emcees who can fully transport me to another place and time off the strength of his vocals alone, and for whatever reason (though it may be impossible to describe), Chester has a similar ability.

Also, Bobby Raps might low key be one of my favorite rappers out. He and the rest of The Stand4rd have hands down one of the best live shows in music right now, and his bars are always exceptionally relatable and human. Even when he opts for straightforward writing over crafty wordplay, it’s somehow just as clever and entertaining.

This is definitely a repeat worthy cut. Peep below.


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