Real Rap Raw

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As per this 2000 issue of ESPN The Mag shows, Real (Rap) Raw has been alive, they’ve just been concealing it. I apologize for my absence last week. I’m sure there were many people confused as to what they should be listening to since I wasn’t here to tell you. Worry not. Here’s 5 more records you should throw in your rotation immediately.

P.S. I’ve been bored with hip-hop lately, so let’s go ahead and call this segment Real ALL Raw. Ok, thanks.


Migos – Rich Nigga Timeline

No, not the title track off of their latest mixtape… the entire project. My infatuation with the Migos began when I first learned of the affinity we both share for our mothers, and it has moved to a far more spiritual place since. If a line like “throwin’ up because my diamonds got me sick as fuck” doesn’t resonate deep in your bones, then you can’t sit with me. Grab the entire thing here.

Lyfe Harris – Supply You

In a world where aesthetic is as important as content, Lyfe is seamlessly killing it. He’s also shown that he isn’t afraid to try and learn something new. If you read the info on this video you’ll see that Lyfe contributed in every aspect possible. As you’ll see later in this column, the son of David Ryan Harris (John Mayer’s guitarist), Lyfe isn’t the only Harris son who has a knack for creating good music.

Hozier – Work Song (Live)

I’m not sure if I’m late to the Hozier party, but boy am I glad I finally got there. This record has been on heavy repeat for me in the past month. It led me to the only real body of work he has out, which is a self-titled album, and that’s just as good as the piece above. This has got to be one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.


Young Thug & Rich Homie Quan – Chainsaw Massacre

Just when you thought I’ve gone soft on you like some schoolboy bitch, I’m here to redeem myself. Thugger and Rich Homie really can’t miss at this point. They could put out a Christmas album, and I’d immediately put it in rotation over other holiday favorites from N’Sync and Mariah Carey.


Miles Ryan – The Plug

It’s a family affair this week, as Miles Ryan Harris (brother of Lyfe) dropped off visuals for The Plug. I was hit with the mp3 of this earlier this week, and I’ve had trouble trying not to keep it on repeat. “Everybody wanna be the plug, but don’t nobody wanna get robbed.” I’m hoping to hear a lot more from Sir Miles in 2015.

Alright… so there’s 5 tracks you should immediately fall in love with the same way I did. I do not believe in people having different opinions, so if you don’t agree with me I feel sorry for you (just kidding). Let me leave you with a reprise of the greatest song of all time, this time in music video format


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