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[VIDEO]: Boogie – Bitter Raps

Boogie‘s flow and rhyme scheme on this are some of the most compelling I’ve heard in a long time. I first heard of the Long Beach rapper a few months back, but for whatever reason, I waited til now to check him out. This is definitely one of those better late than never instances, though.

“Bitter Raps” is fire. Everything about it. The Jack Wagner-directed video sets up his character beautifully, and the song itself is repeat-worthy, to say the least. I actually laughed out loud at a couple of the bars, and I mean that in the best way possible. Boogie is aggravated by the world yet completely unaffected at once, and the juxtaposition is fascinating. He says stuff like, “Somebody help me, I hate when niggas roll up weak blunts just so they can take a selfie,” and “I hate when bitches call me bro when I already seen her naked, we ain’t related,” stretching the lines out several syllables past when you expected them to end, thus creating a totally unique effect that makes it impossible to not want to come back for more (at least for me). It’s true bitterness from start to finish, but it’s delivered with a fresh, creative and subtly comedic edge—I can’t find anything not to like about this.

I’m about to dig into Boogie’s Thirst 48 album, his 11-track debut that came out this past June. Stream it in full below, and check out the “Bitter Raps” video at the top of the page. And definitely stay tuned for more.


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