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[New Music]: Fetty Wap – Trap Queen

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On the low, one of the top A&R’s in the country is a 27-year-old, Caucasian father of one who resides in South Carolina. I’m speaking of Justin Roberson, a man whom the majority of America better knows as “Bauce Sauce.”

I met Bauce Sauce in March of 2013 at my first SXSW. We crossed paths at the Rap Genius Ranch, then reunited at Future’s famed Fader Fort performance, which Bauce flipped into perhaps the most legendary article on all of the internets. He was the self-proclaimed “only dad at SXSW,” but his story is so much deeper than that. Bauce truly has one of the better ears for music of anyone I’ve met, and more often than not, the shit he cosigns ends up taking off.

Anyway, Bauce tweeted this apparently not-so-new Fetty Wap song called “Trap Queen” tonight, though it’s new to me because I had never heard it before. I pressed play because I trust Bauce’s ear, and 15 seconds in I knew it was perhaps the most beautiful love song I’ve ever heard, barring of course “Turn On The Lights,” but that’s another story for another day. Fetty says, “Married to the money introduced her to my stove, showed her how to whip it now she remix it for low,” thus painting the most picturesque #RelationshipGoals portrait of 2014. I’m distraught over the thought that my summer could have been soundtracked by this song and wasn’t due to my own overlooking of the mysterious New Jersey rapper, who has just over 2,000 followers on Twitter despite the million-plus streams of “Trap Queen.”

But alas, better late than never. I’m going to listen to this four thousand times tomorrow and hope to find a Trap Queen of my own by Tuesday morning. Thank you Bauce. Thank you Fetty Wap.


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