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[VIDEO]: Father ft. Ethereal – Dáme Fuego

Father and the whole Awful Records crew have been going crazy since the success of “Look At Wrist,” capitalizing on the incredible momentum in a way that few are able to do.

Self-produced with an assist from Ethereal, Father’s latest, “Dáme Fuego,” is sickeningly addictive. It’s more of a surrealist short film than a music video in the traditional sense, centered on a trio of females acting a fool (for the viewer’s benefit) in a laundromat as Father looks on in astonishment. Then, Ethereal delivers his verse while smoking, seated in a bathtub with a female companion of his own.

The track has a certain grimy, sun-dried feel to it, which the golden hue of the video brings to life beautifully. If nothing else, it’s hard to look away from the movement Father and co. are leading right now. Watch above, and stay tuned for more. If you’re in NYC for CMJ next week, catch Awful Records at the Fader Fort on Thursday, 10/23.


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