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[VIDEO]: thestand4rd – Simple Needs

Music doesn’t always have purpose. It’s sad to even be able to say something like that. But it’s true. Scroll through any major blog on any given day. You’ll likely find that the quality content is dishearteningly watered down. It’s almost as if artists are crafting songs and videos to pander to a certain upper echelon, critic-based audience and forgetting to connect with common people, who make up a large majority of listeners, viewers, and most importantly, potential fans.

I say that to say this: thestand4rd is everything right with music right now. The Minnesota-based group has a remarkable standard for quality and originality, and their latest, “Simple Needs,” is one of the single most beautiful releases of 2014. I don’t know what blogs this has touched aside from The Fader. I also don’t really care. “Simple Needs” reached me by way of Allan Kingdom, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

The Alex Howard-directed video is stunning, the soundscape—fueled by soft humming from Kingdom and Spooky Black as well as production from thestand4rd and Doc McKinney—is downright entrancing, and the wonderfully imaginative vibe of the record as a whole is enough to transport onlookers to another world altogether. This type of effort is deeper than music—it spawns inspiration, it encourages creation as an outlet for expression rather than a means of appeasing a target audience… it’s a gift that keeps on giving. It feels timeless. I’m watching it as a 23-year-old and a 12-year-old at once.

Watch “Simple Needs” for yourself above. Then close your eyes, address your own dreams and visions, and if you feel so inclined, press play once more.


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