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[VIDEO]: OG Maco – Love In The City

I love the raw and formless nature of this record. OG Maco went from 0-100 real quick off the strength of “U Guessed It” (which is sitting at three and a half million Youtube views a month in), but he’s now released three singles since, and at least to me, none have disappointed. And they’ve all been impressive for different reasons.

With “Love In The City,” Maco shows some restraint. His unrivaled energy is still the main source of fuel, but this video portrays him as a compelling character beyond just his skills as an emcee. He’s got a look, a dash of arrogance (not too much, though), and a clear taste for quality. There’s no real hook, verses, or climax point here—instead, it’s a near-four minute long outpouring of emotion that’s illustrated visually by Maco and his love interest expressing drugged-out affection for each other in the middle of the city, not caring how abnormal their actions are or who’s watching.

This song and video feel strikingly perfect for where Maco’s at with his career right now. Success can be stressful. He went from being an unknown name to being under a microscope the rest of the world is looking through virtually overnight. When these things happen, it’s easy to lose control of yourself, your vision, etc. “Love In The City” feels like a shedding of toxins, in a way. It’s pure emotion that works so effectively next to the polished hits that are “U Guessed It” and “FuckEmx3.”

It’s hard to explain why I like this song so much. But after hearing and watching “Love In The City,” I no longer look at OG Maco as purely a hitmaker. He’s a well-rounded artist with what seems to be limitless potential—I’m eagerly awaiting his next move.


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