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[ALBUM]: Real P – Same Ole Jazz


I’ve been around the Boston hip-hop scene for close to three years now. It feels like it’s been forever, but compared to those who were born and raised in the city I’ve only called home since I started college in September 2009, I’m a newcomer.

Sometime in late 2011 or early 2012—when The Fresh Heir was just getting off the ground—I got an email from someone named Chimel (he introduced himself as an artist named DJ Real P) inviting me to a private listening party for Dutch ReBelle‘s new mixtape. I didn’t know who he was, but his email was both welcoming and flattering. At that point, I didn’t really have any clout. I was as much an outsider as anyone else to people like Real P and Dutch, who had been staples of the local scene for years. I couldn’t make it to the event, but inevitably I ended up connecting with Real P soon after. He was everywhere; it would’ve been impossible not to.

Over the course of the past three years I’ve come to know Real P as not only one of the most versatile and talented artists in Boston, but also one of the most genuine people and in many ways, the heart and soul of the city. Whether he’s churning out music of his own, crafting instrumentals for others, or spinning the hottest Boston records during DJ gigs, he puts on and pushes the culture forward in ways rivaled by few, if any.

Today, following an exceptional release show at Wonder Bar last night, Real P releases his latest body of work, Same Ole Jazz. It’s a conceptual, cohesive 11-track collection that feels refreshingly homegrown with appearances from James Rogers, Latrell James, Amandi, Caliph, and more. The project is fueled by heart, soul, and above all, jazz. It’s a back-to-the-roots listening experience and very much a breath of fresh air. From the opening cut—”Alarm Clock”—where Real P looks at the oft-loathed object as representation of the beginning of a day that should be appreciated rather than the opposite, to the epic, slow-rolling closing track “24th Letter,” Same Ole Jazz is an enjoyable and necessary journey.

Things come full circle. It was rewarding as hell seeing Real P celebrating the release of his project last night, surrounded by so many of the same faces—such as mine—that he invited into the Boston hip-hop circle with open arms three years ago. Same Ole Jazz is a culmination of many things, but it’s also yet another new beginning. Stream below in full, and download via iTunes HERE.


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