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[VIDEO]: Deon Chase ft. Avenue & Slumdog Hill – BLVD Dreams

Ahead of their collaborative Trap Vogue EP, which arrives August 25th, Boston rappers Deon Chase, Avenue, and Slumdog Hill (as Summer Of ’91) connect on a visual for “BLVD Dreams.”

The thematic cut is one of the strongest out of the city all year, and the Ryan Pinkall-produced video is just the type of high quality accompaniment the track deserved. Released as “BLVD Dreams: The Movie,” the clip follows the three emcees through a day in the life on the Boston streets, telling a tale that’s long overdue to be shared. To many outsiders, Boston is the home of the Red Sox, a whole bunch of colleges, and—if anything hip-hop-related—frat rap. That perception is changing, though, thanks in large part to a new wave of young artists (these three, Michael Christmas, Cousin Stizz, Gio Dee, etc.) that come from the hoods of the South End, Dorchester, Roxbury, and more, and are telling their stories in an authentic manner.

“BLVD Dreams” is super crisp—laced with outstanding production and a catchy, polished hook—but above all, it’s authentic. There’s no flash and frills here; what you see is what you get. This one’s a treat for old and new fans alike, and beyond that, it’s a record that paints Boston in a deserving light. Watch above, and stay tuned for the arrival of Trap Vogue.

“Still hanging on corners in love with the view, lose it all get it back flip it recoup, banana peel in the coupe, move that dope or get a plain brew that’s what hustlers do, with no help took care of my house with no job had my mother confused. These boulevard dreams keep me up all night…”


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