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[VIDEO]: Dom Kennedy – After School

I just got through taking the longest break from posting since I started the site in June 2011. It wasn’t for any particular reason aside from the fact that I recently started writing for Pigeons & Planes and have been busy as hell with that and other things, but I’m back.

Anyone that knows me knows Dom Kennedy‘s been my favorite rapper for the past three years. He’s remarkably consistent, cool as fuck (interviewing him confirmed that), and he never seems to be in any type of rush—a rare and refreshing quality in today’s world.

With the one-year anniversary of Get Home Safely approaching, Dom dropped a set of visuals for one of my favorite cuts off the album this week, “After School.” It’s simple in concept: Dom treks through a deserted school, reminiscing on everything he’s been through as he fantasizes, “If I make it to heaven, I hope it comes with a view.” It’s nothing earth-shattering, but that’s also what makes everything Dom does so special. He lets the simple things speak volumes, and through watching “After School,” I feel like I know him even better than I did before.

Watch above, and stay tuned for more.


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