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[EP]: Hurt Everybody – Hurt Everybody EP


Hurt Everybody, the rapidly rising trio out of Chicago, cannonballed onto the scene earlier this year with a seemingly never-ending stream of one-off releases. They didn’t just ask for our attention; they demanded it. And it was the music that did all the talking for them. Supa Bwe‘s unmistakable, impassioned delivery, 18-year-old Carl‘s silky smooth flow, and Mulatto Beats‘ vibrant production turned heads—both locally and nationally—quickly, and with all eyes on them as they prepped their first-ever project, they set a July 4th release date and delivered in every sense of the word.

The self-titled, 14-track EP (though at that length, it’s really more of a full-length) dropped at midnight, and after giving it a couple spins, I’m happy to say that the trio didn’t just live up to high expectations, they exceeded them. With features from Mick Jenkins, Alex Wiley, Kembe X, Saba and more, it’s clear that Chicago was more than ready to embrace new talent with open arms. Sometimes a conception of “competition” gets in the way of collaboration or support from other artists, but Hurt Everybody’s unique appeal and relentlessness kept all doors open, doors through which the aforementioned emcees smartly ran. Whether it’s the deeply agenda-driven “Treat Me,” the feel-good, tribal-flavored “In Seoul,” or the Wiley-assisted banger “Golden,” Hurt Everybody proves with this project that they’re versatile, they’re engaging, and they’re truly paving a lane all their own.

Stream the EP in full below, and stay tuned for much more. These guys aren’t going away anytime soon.


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