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[New Music]: Cousin Stizz – Fireman


“I’m on fire by now…”

If he’s isn’t yet, he’s certainly heating up. On the heels of his first-ever single, “Life,” amassing 15,000 streams in two weeks, Cousin Stizz releases another Humbeats-produced banger called “Fireman.”

It’s the second cut off his forthcoming debut mixtape, Suffolk County, and one that features a moment of homage to the Lil Wayne record of the same name in the hook: “All my niggas gon’ feel this nigga, our story is the realest, I’m the fireman, fire-fi-fireman, can’t get no higher man, higher-hi-higher man, fireman!”

Stizz is bringing undeniable consistency to the table, and though he’s just two tracks into his young career, things look promising. Stay tuned for more as Suffolk County is expected to arrive this month—and not without some visuals. Stream “Fireman” below.


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