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[New Music]: Wara From The NBHD – Scrilla


I was lucky enough to be blessed with an early cut of “Scrilla” that has damn near blown out my car speakers on multiple occasions over the past couple months. So while Wara From The NBHD‘s latest is new to you, it’s not so new to me.

I’m not saying that to flex, though. The point is that I’ve listened to “Scrilla” a hundred plus times, and it still hasn’t gotten the least bit old. It’s gritty as hell, heavily Neptunes-influenced, and a sure sign of progression from an artist we’ve had our eyes on since early 2013. The hook is sickeningly catchy, and the self-produced (with help from Justin Padron) instrumental is head-knocking and stunningly dual in nature. I’ve been waiting to tweet this hook for a minute. Stream “Scrilla” below so you can do the same, and stay tuned for more off Wara’s forthcoming concept album, KIDNAPPED.


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