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[VIDEO]: iLoveMakonnen – Rumor

Far and away, the artist I’ve listened to the most this month has been iLoveMakonnen. The Atlanta up-and-comer dropped his latest project, Drink More Water 4, in mid-May, and it’s honestly one of the strangest, most beautiful collections of music I’ve heard in recent memory. I thought there was a chance it was gonna get old after a few spins, but here I am a month later and I was listening to it while eating breakfast this morning. Makonnen has an effortlessly emotive way about him, and whether he’s proclaiming that he no longer sells molly or longing for his lost love Samantha, it all seems to come straight from the heart.

Last night, he quietly released a new video for “Rumor.” It’s really weird. It’s like a series of behind-the-scenes clips from an absurdist photoshoot more than it is a music video, but it works incredibly well for the largely formless song. Makonnen sounds like he’s nearly weeping over the acoustic instrumental as he holds a doll head in his clutches, the image acting as sure promo for his forthcoming project (which is apparently arriving in eight days) whether intentional or not.

Maybe it’s just me—I don’t know—but there’s something that feels so genius here. Everything that Makonnen’s been delivering has felt pure all the way through, and I don’t think it’s just the presentation; I think he just has a stream of consciousness style that he’s allowing to guide him forward. No matter what, I’m intrigued. I’m gonna watch “Rumor” a few more times; you can do so too above. As a bonus, two more new tracks—”Dodgin 12″ and “On & Off”—are available below. I listened to the latter while I was driving down the Pacific Coast Highway last weekend. It sounded lovely.


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