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[New Music]: Mick Jenkins, Dally Auston, NoName Gypsy & Saba – Realer Than Most (Prod. by OnGaud)


Chicago’s hip-hop scene is remarkable. If you’ve been paying attention to the music coming out of the Windy City over the course of the past three years, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t been, I recommend you change that starting today.

Yesterday, the city’s leading independent label Closed Sessions presented a brand new collaborative track from four of the area’s most talented up-and-comers: Mick Jenkins, Dally Auston, NoName Gypsy and Saba—the last two of which made appearances on Acid Rap.

“Realer Than Most” is the product of one iconic session that took place at SoundScape Studio on the coldest day of the year this past winter, and ironically, it’s one of the hottest tracks out of Chicago in recent memory. Producer OnGaud supplies a familiar sounding instrumental that each of the four emcees work in their own unique ways, and overall, the record is an excellent representation of the ever deep-running talent pool in the Go.

Stream and download the track below, and also take a few minutes to watch the CS documentary that was filmed during the session months ago. It’s a beautiful representation of the determination hard work that fuels the scene, and another example that Closed Sessions is doing something truly special for the city it calls home.


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