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[VIDEO]: Kevin Abstract – Drugs

Kevin Abstract is going to have a long, successful career in music because he cares. You can’t learn to care. You either do or you don’t. When you strip down music from any artist who’s made a real, lasting impact—regardless of genre—you’re typically left with one shared factor: passion

You can’t learn passion either. You can polish your flow, make your snares hit harder, come up with a slew of new melodies, but I think you have to be born with an inherent desire to give a fuck. And by that I mean caring more about your product as an expression of self than the public response it receives, and not sacrificing your vision if the public response doesn’t live up to any sort of expectation.

Kevin just dropped the second video for his latest single—and one of my favorite tracks of the year—“Drugs.” The first (of what will be three total) visuals featured the song layered over clips from the 2004 film Dandelion, and for round two, Kevin and co. (Frank X and HK on the directing credits) take a different approach, documenting a 2 AM invasion of a Wal-Mart in Houston as the crew sets up and performs “Drugs” in a deserted aisle. With producer Romil on the keys and a few other Alive Since Forever members bouncing around the screen, the “live” version of the record is an entertaining and captivating expression of energy and passion.

“Drugs” is so intriguing because it’s complex. It can make you feel one thing one listen and a whole different thing the next. The choice to supplement it with three different videos was unpredictable, yet perfectly fitting. The whole presentation of the track and what we have of MTV1987 so far has stemmed from heart and impulse, two things the greats have in excess that most aspiring artists lack. I saw Kevin and Romil perform this live on Sunday night, and it’s no less magical in person as it is on Soundcloud or YouTube or however you’re accessing “Drugs.”

MTV1987 arrives on July 15th. Stay tuned.


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