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[New Music]: Frank Leone – #CHILDSPLAY (Prod. by John Scott)


Chicago’s Frank Leone returns with a haunting new record called “#CHILDSPLAY,” a powerful lyrical exercise and his latest release en route to his forthcoming project, Enter Wild.

The John Scott-produced cut is fueled by an eerie vocal sample from the 1961 film, The Innocents, and hinges on Leone’s tongue-twisting, appropriately dark in mood rhymes. His flow and delivery are polished – a sure-footed step forward from “LiFE” – and what’s perhaps most intriguing is the fact that he’s very clearly paving a lane for himself in a Chicago scene brimming with rising talent.

Stream below, and stay tuned for more. This one won’t appear on Enter Wild, but expect a selection from the project to arrive in the near future.

“My mama probably shoulda never let me leave the house, spittin’ flippin’ off the doctor when I stumbled out her blouse and now my glock clocked, I’m stunted blunted in the function, bloody knuckles drug along the wall drugs pumpin’ out my veins…”


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