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[New Music]: JunkFood Kings – Wood


The Boston hip-hop scene is bubbling with energy right now, and the JunkFood Kings – a duo made up of Original Kadeem and rapper/producer Haasan Barclay – are in the midst of it all, standing by to spice things up with a jolt of rebelliousness when it’s needed most.

Their new joint, “Wood”, is being marketed subtly with the phrase “COMMIT CRIMES TO THIS.” Ok, so not so subtle. It’s remarkably brash and probably offensive to a number of cultures, but it’s also about as fitting as it gets. I’ve had this track on repeat the past ten minutes and all I want to do is pick up my skateboard and smash it against a light pole. It’s worth noting that I don’t own a skateboard.

In all seriousness, “Wood” is one of the hardest tracks I’ve heard out of Boston in a minute. O.K.’s aggressive rhymes pair perfectly with Haasan’s grungy production, and the muffled hook is fittingly intimidating. This truly is a song that implicitly encourages listeners to wreak havoc on their surroundings. It deserves a visual, but only one that has to be prefaced by a “Don’t try this at home” warning.

Stream it below, and if you’re feeling it, give JFK another second of your time and vote (HERE) for them to participate in Afropunk’s Battle Of The Bands.


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