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[VIDEO]: Lil B – Hoop Life

Lil B‘s incomparably effective Hoop Life campaign rolls forward with a new visual for the forthcoming tape’s title track.

“Hoop Life” features the Based God going in on the classic Lil Wayne And The Sqad instrumental, “Gudda Be In Something Wide.” He laces the track with an overwhelming amount of basketball references and includes B-roll of his infamous Golden State Warriors tryout throughout the video, which is fueled by performance shots of Brandon in a pink bandana and very low cut suit jacket. Among the NBA players he references in his rhymes are Jason Richardson, Manu Ginobili, Steve Nash, Allen Iverson, Stephen Curry and Larry Bird(y). Fuck Kevin Durant.

Watch above, and stay tuned for more. According to B, Hoop Life is set to drop “anyday.”

“I’m goin’ to the NBA, who gon’ stop me? Number one draft pick, bitch just watch me.”


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