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[New Music]: Lucki Eck$ – Reflections


He’s barely 18 years old, yet Lucki Eck$ is steadily emerging as one of the most talented artists and best storytellers in hip-hop.

Vivid imagery is the backbone of the Chicago rapper’s latest, “Reflections,” which is a cut off his forthcoming project, Body High. Produced by Vela Seff, “Reflections” is – as Lucki aptly describes – the result of Xanax, kush, losing friends and progression. It’s a trippy, visceral cut built on isolated paranoia and frustration, the stage set from the very beginning as Lucki places himself in the midst of a deal on the edge of going wrong: “Them ain’t my problems, I know them sirens by reflection please be cautious, I want my bread I want my bread like fuck your problems nigga, I know them sirens by reflection please be cautious nigga…”

He moves forward vigilantly from there, telling tales of what he’s seen as he’s progressed in the game and how at the end of the day, sometimes even friends and family can’t be trusted. Whether talking music, drugs or otherwise, it’s a sentiment anyone who’s experienced any form of progression can relate to – the world does indeed grow a little colder as you near the top of the mountain. Lucki acknowledges that fact in “Reflections,” but also makes it clear that he has no time for the games: “You hardly mention the fact that you got a curfew and purfume to cover up that ganja smell, you know your mom will hurt you and go all through your phone and look it up and see who served you, and now she call me up I block your number back to work fool…”

He maintains a soft, raspy tone all the way through, his voice trailing off at the end of each bar and enhancing the reflective nature of the record. It’s truly an evolution of Alternative Trap, but darker and certainly more experimental. Lucki paved a lane for himself with his debut project, and it’s looking like Body High, which is set to release in July, is going to take him to entirely new levels.

Stream “Reflections” below, and stay tuned for more.


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