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[New Music]: DP – Glass Casket (Prod. by Sir Yogaflame)

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Rising Virginia rapper DP caught my ear last month with the unapologetically raw “Jabar.” The 20-year-old VA Beach native sounded like he could’ve been Pusha T’s long-lost younger brother, but with a flair all his own. His slick-tongued rhymes over the minimal, spine-tingling production were captivating, and after one listen I was more than ready for whatever he had coming next.

Today he delivers just that with “Glass Casket,” the latest single off his debut project, Designer Casket. The Sir Yogaflame-produced cut is just as gritty and honest as the last, but this one has a heavier feel. The production is powerful – nightmarish, even – but DP never allows it to outweigh the brute force of his punchlines. Fueled by bars like, “upon birth I put the glock to the doctor told him take me to the pharmacy, I need Percoset and Oxys to distribute to the drugged out mamas,” “Glass Casket” is an intense listen, but a refreshing one in that nothing is held back; it’s street rap done right.

Stream and download below, and stay tuned for more.


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