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[VIDEO]: STL GLD (Moe Pope + The Arcitype) – Sunrise

If you’re familiar with Boston’s hip-hop scene, chances are you’ve heard the names Moe Pope and The Arcitype. They’re two of the most proven, established artists (Moe as an emcee, Arcitype as a producer) out of Massachusetts’ capital, and anytime they’ve gotten together on something, the result has been expectedly magical.

Earlier this year, the two announced they were forming a duo that would be known as STL GLD and released their first single, the extremely well-received “Cocaine.” Earlier today, they delivered a new record with an accompanying visual called “Sunrise,” and with it announced that their My Monday Morning Music album will arrive on August 12th.

“Sunrise” is effortlessly pure. It’s warm, wholesome and truly the best type of Monday morning music you’ll find anywhere – at least if you’re looking to start off your week on the right foot. The smooth-riding instrumental reeks of hope and optimism, and Moe’s slick-tongued rhymes paint a beautiful day-in-the-life portrait of the everyday man (or woman) working to make ends meet while appreciating life’s intricacies along the way. Tea Leigh‘s effervescent vocals on the hook are appropriately themed, reminding listeners that it’s our choice whether or not we acknowledge the “sunrise in our eyes,” the little things that – at any given moment – can mean the world to us.

Watch the video above, and stay tuned for more off STL GLD’s forthcoming album.


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