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[New Music]: Saba ft. Eryn Allen Kane – Burnout


The days are getting longer, the sun is shining brighter and the girls are dressin’ less. The start of summertime has all but taken us over, and with it, Chicago emcee Saba delivers the appropriately flavored “Burnout,” his latest single and one of his strongest individual records to date.

“Burnout” is a selection off Saba’s upcoming #ComfortZone mixtape and features a beautifully moody, melodic hook and harmonizing vocals throughout from the always outstanding Eryn Allen Kane. The self-produced jam has a refreshingly wholesome flavor and is undoubtedly a giant step forward for Saba, who apparently took notes from Chance and Acid Rap, on which he was featured.

“Burnout” is fueled by live instrumentation – keys by Justin Jackson, guitar by Jameson Brenner and bass by Carter Lang – and an impeccable, matured flow from Saba. He rhymes fluidly about his dreams (“picture me tourin’ in England”), reflects on decisions that led him to this point in his life (“crashing cars like burnout, I got burnout so I dropped out, see I turned out okay”) and laces it all together with a danceworthy melody you’ll be humming for days.

Stream and download “Burnout” below, and stay tuned for more. #ComfortZone drops July 15th.


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