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[MIXTAPE]: Granata – Alex In Wonderland


It’s not an easy task for new artists to break into an oversaturated scene. Aspiring rappers are a dime a dozen these days; if you live in an urban area, there’s a good chance you know more who rap than don’t, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. One way to peak prospective fans’ interest, though, is to come with an approach that’s completely outside the box. Tampa emcee Granata did just that with his latest project, Alex In Wonderland, which he dropped earlier this month.

Alex In Wonderland is a 7-track collection that’s being pushed as a “book on tape,” consisting of seven narrated, jazz-infused “chapters.” His style could be described as introspective, but with a sort of trippy, drug-induced spin. The production is very unique and consistent top to bottom – Granata describes it, pretty accurately, as “acid jazz” – and his rhymes are captivating in their slow-rolling nature.

While the tape isn’t perfect, it’s an enjoyable listen and a breath of fresh air. A certain standout is Chapter 2 or “Pondering,” a horn laced record with a well-executed hook. Take a listen for yourself below, and if you’re feeling it, download via Audiomack HERE. Stay tuned for more.


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