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[VIDEO]: ImJaeHall – NY Inspired

I stumbled across this yesterday afternoon and was instantly intrigued. ImJaeHall is a Bronx native who’s making his Fresh Heir debut with his latest single, “NY Inspired,” a soulful record powered by a crisp set of visuals.

It appears that the video premiered on MTV Jams this past Sunday and hit YouTube the same night with a little help from Vevo. I’ve watched “NY Inspired” a few times now. It’s a street-inspired track that reeks of determination, bars like “bums sleeping on Park Street in arm’s reach, shit, I might give him a dollar cause he could’ve been me if it wasn’t for my provider” painting a clear picture of inner city struggle and establishing ImJaeHall as a refreshingly conscious and sincere emcee. The production is deep, moody, and appropriately fast-paced for Jae’s bouncy flow.

The video is just as enjoyable, built off a series of NYC portraits that implements still shots and slow-mo to keep things interesting all the way through. I don’t know much about ImJaeHall yet, but after this, I’ll be on high alert for whatever’s next. Watch above.


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