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[New Music]: Conrizzle – Aleister Crowley


Atop a sample-driven slew of stacked drums and berating bass reigns Conrizzle, a North Carolinian talent who recently offered to the world a sinister song in “Aleister Crowley”. Responsible for both the production and rapping, ‘Rizzle rhymes with playful rancor and an occasionally shriek of accentuation. His dark, devil-mentioning lines align with sinister laughs interspersed throughout the track’s three-plus minutes.

Such ghoulish antics aim to acknowledge the single’s namesake, one Aleister Crowley – a Cambridge-educated malcontent and an oft-labeled Satanist born within the tail-end of the 19th century. At “Crowley”‘s core, though, lies an ingeniously disguised anthem with little depth and an abundance of appeal. I’m excited to see what this up-and-coming artist brings to the table next.

Until then, listen to “Aleister Crowley” below. Expect Conrizzle’s forthcoming Eastern Wayne Alumni to make an impact this coming June.


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